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Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

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Details Silver Needle is the most famous white tea from China and also known as 'Bai Hao Yin Zhen'. See the highlights below:Try an authentic Silver Needle white tea direct from its birthplace: Fuding.Possessing an unique, pinnacle grade taste profile.Carefully handpicked and manually processed.Enjoy many health benefits due to high anti-oxidant contents of white tea buds.Silver Needle white tea processingThe tea leaves for making Silver Needle white tea are harvested only during a few days each year in early spring. Farmer Li about his tea: "We are very exact about when to pick the leaves for making our silver needle tea. It shouldn't happen on rainy days or in early morning when there is still dew on the leaves." Our tea grower Li only picks the finest and healthiest buds creating the best Silver Needle available in China.Diffferent from green teas, white arent' steamed or pan-fired. The teas are simply allowed to naturally wither and dry, preserving the leaves in their most natural state.How to steep Silver Needle white tea?To fully appreciate the exquisite shape of this tea, using a clear glass is highly suggested. Warm the glass first with boiling water and then pour 200 ml of water (80 degree) over around 3 grams of tea. The tea leaves will start to float on top of the glass. After 4-5 minutes, some leaves will sink down to the bottom of the glass while others remain at the top. All tea leaves will then stand up vertically performing a magical dance - An enchanting sight to enjoy before drinking the tea.Enjoy the video below and learn how to easily steep this white tea in a transparent glass:
Fujian Silver Needle White Tea Fujian Silver Needle White Tea Fujian Silver Needle White Tea
Fujian Silver Needle White Tea Fujian Silver Needle White Tea