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Kuding Tea

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  • Model: Te-0040
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Details Kuding tea is a medicinal tea that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The word 'Ku' means bitter and the Chinese character for 'Ding' ('????eans 'spike' as is the shape this tea. Kuding tea, (Kuding Cha), is commonly known as 'bitter nail tea'. The leaves used to make this tea are from the evergreen Ilex Kudingcha plant which is grown in China and is a type of holly but without the sharp points and with a rubbery texture. The long narrow leaves are twisted together to form distinctive long stick/spike-like shapes. Another distinctive feature of Kuding tea, as its name implies, is its bitter taste. Some drinkers find that the bitterness is followed by a slightly sweet taste.
Kuding Tea Kuding Tea Kuding Tea

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