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Lychee Black Tea

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Details How is Lychee Black Tea produced?The tea is harvested and finished in the spring, then carefully stored until the summer, when the lychees are ripe. The tea is then mixed with the unpeeled lychees and gently roasted to dry. The intense sweet flavor and floral fragrance from lychees are then absorbed by the tea, creating a mouth-watering type of tea with unique taste and aroma.How to steep Lychee Black Tea?Use a Gaiwan (a covered ceramic cup) or a teapot. Steep Lychee Black Tea leaves for up to 4 minute with 95 degree water. Enjoy the blooming fragrance before tasting the tea. The Lychee Black tea is goodto drink both when served cold and hot.Which region is Lychee Black Tea from?The Lychee Black Tea is from Guangxi Province in Southwest China. Guangxi is the area that grows the best lychees in China. The history of Lychee Black tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty around a thousand years ago. It’s said that the tea was made exclusively for Yang Gui Fei, the imperial concubine of the Tang emperor Tang Xuan Zong.What’s the name of Lychee Black Tea in Chinese?Lychee Black Tea – ?????? - Lìzh? hóng cháBlack LycheeTea – ?????? - Lìzh? hóng cháLychee - ??? - Lìzh?Black Tea – ??? – hóng cháHow is Lychee Black Tea written in other languages?Danish: Litchi te, Dutch: Lychee thee, English: Lychee tea, Finnish: Litsi teetä, French: Thé litchi, German: Lychee Tee, Italian: Tè di litchi, Norwegian: Litchi te, Portuguese: Chá de lichia, Russian: ???? ???, Swedish: Litchi te, Turkish: Lychee çay
Lychee Black Tea Lychee Black Tea Lychee Black Tea
Lychee Black Tea Lychee Black Tea