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Osmanthus Tea

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Details Osmanthus TeaEven if you are not familiar with Chinese osmanthus tea, there is a good chance the osmanthus flower will look familiar to you. Its golden yellow appearance and recognizable aromatic qualities have made it a very popular ingredient in some of the most well-known Chinese dishes, which have been served up for many generations.When it comes to making the perfect cup of osmanthus flower tea, the tiny flower buds are used in the brewing process after being properly dried. Once dried, they are immersed in hot water and left to steep for a few minutes. As the flowers of this plant are used for the tea, you can expect a sweet refreshing liquid that is accompanied by a pleasant and inviting flowery aroma, which can be smelt from up close or far away, creating a pleasant environment whenever someone is steeping or brewing sweet osmanthus tea. The easiest way to make this tea is to simply pour hot water over the flowers which are held in some kind of tea strainer. Alternatively, for those looking for the perfect finish, a glass two-piece tea infuser is highly recommended.Osmanthus tea recipeWhile it is perfectly fine to drink osmanthus fragrans tea on its own, it can also be combined with green teas or honey-sweet type of black teas to great effect. Another popular combination is to mix it with light oolongs, such as tie guan yin, for that perfect accompaniment. This is similar to the way that flowers from the jasmine plants are mixed with black or green tea leaves to make the popular jasmine tea.A popular osmanthus tea recipe describes sprinkling the dried flowers from this plant into a freshly brewed hot cup of tie guan yin oolong tea. This is said to really accentuate the flavors of both teas, combing their opposing characteristics to create a highly enjoyable blend. As it is caffeine free, osmanthus flower tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening without running the risk of encountering trouble getting to sleep.Osmanthus tea benefitsLike many herbal teas, there are numerous health and wellbeing benefits associated with choosing this Chinese tea. Some of the most desired benefits of osmanthus tea include its ability to improve the complexion of the drinker, as well as helping the body to rid itself of excess nitric oxide. Traditional Chinese medicine claims that removing the excess nitric oxide from one’s body can help reduce the risk of the onset of cancer and diabetes, making it a popularly recommended drink. Thanks to the low pollen count of these flowers, they should be suitable for most drinkers, with little risk of an allergy occurring, although as always, should any symptoms arise, please seek medical help and seek consultation before starting any herbal treatment using this flower.
Osmanthus Tea Osmanthus Tea Osmanthus Tea
Osmanthus Tea Osmanthus Tea